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Feature Photos

  • The sun with Venus in transit as seen through clouds on June 5th, 2012 from Southern Maryland, USA.
  • Venus begins its transit across the Sun, as seen from Southern Maryland, USA, on June 5th 2012.  Notice the "black drop effect" that seems to elongate Venus' trailing edge as it moves into the Sun's disk.
  • Ancient exposed tree roots on the bank of Quantico Creek in Prince William Forest Park, VA.
  • On a hazy afternoon, I stopped to take in the misty blue vista stretching away to the west in Shenandoah National Park.  A series of wooded mountain ridges recedes into the distance, colored blue by the afternoon haze and eventually merging seamlessly into the sky.  I like the rhythm of this photo, and the color.  For me it's almost like serene blue waves.
  • Roots and Moss.  Exposed tree roots on the side of s small creek, looking like the bones of some ancient creature exposed by erosion.
  • Autumn leaves in Northern Virginia.  It was a great day along a remote trail.  The leave were burning golden and bronze by the afternoon sun.  What a great warm feeling!
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